Reason: GOP Writing Off 30 Percent of American Electorate / A Lesson for Libertarians

Emperor Norton was an entertainer and he was not detaining public property for his exclusive use.
But this conversation is sidestepping the defective culture, producing unfavorable conditions. Big government is a majot part of the defective culture, but not the only part.
Failed government is another part. I met a table of banking executives at happy hour, all Republicans, and all disgusted with the failure of government to deal with mental illness and the causes of mental illness.
To explain the causes, I'll use the example of ADHD and opinion of the Chairmain of Psychology at UC Berkeley. His studied had shown the major cause of the symptoms of ADHD is the pathological public education system, requiring unatural behavior and creating toxic conditions.

Whether Emperor Norton was an entertainer or just an eccentric (crazy?) homeless guy, or some combination of these seems immaterial to the question of whether he was an oligarch (except maybe in his own head he obviously wasn't, any more than other homeless people on the streets today are oligarchs – good grief!)

  Nor are most homeless people who sleep on sidewalks exercising exclusive use over public property. Perhaps if someone left a tent in the same spot for months or years, especially if it was a spot that other people wanted to use there could be some justification for such a claim. With that in mind, I'd be okay with limits on how long someone could keep a tent in one spot on public property if someone else wanted to use that particular spot (perhaps for their own tent!), and couldn't readily get their needs met by simply walking around the spot.

  Certainly government education is messed up in many respects. No argument there.

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