RE: Voting For Chat Night


It makes sense to me to simply give everyone
two votes. Otherwise, some get two but some
get one.

For example, since Mon. and Tues. are equally
bad for me, I was able to vote only once (for Wed.).
Yet, Steve was able to vote twice (Mon. and Tues.).
If I had two votes, I could vote twice (for Wed.),
equaling Steve's two votes.

BTW, if you don't give me two votes, I may just
file a discrimination claim with the Ninth Circuit

Best, Michael

The basic idea is to find out what night most people are free. Some
of us are available all nights. Some are available two nights.
Some, like you, are available only one night. So, let's say that I
vote for all nights, Steve votes for Tuesday and Wednesday, and you
vote just for Wednesday. Wednesday gets 3 votes, Tuesday gets 2
votes, and the other nights get one vote. Wednesday is the winner in
that case. Then, next week, all of us who voted Wednesday as one of
our nights will participate in another poll to determine the best

Not quite like IRV, but sort of. :wink:


P.S. Gay men always win in the Ninth Circuit, silly.

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