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You are correct. I am retired. I worked for 33 years and paid 1.45% of my gross pay to medicare and 6.2% of my gross income to social security. My employer was forced by the government to match my payments. That means that 15% of my income went to the government for my social security and medicare. Over 33 years that was quite a bit of money. I still pay about $100.00 a month to Social Security which the government automatically takes out of my SS check.

When the government started these programs, people didn't live as long as they do now and alot of people didn't live long enough to get back all they had put into Social Security. So now, one solution to the collapsing ponzi scheme is to convince older people that they are a drain on the government's limited resources (which they originially took from us) and we should fade away (die) quietly and hopefully quickly. And if one doesn't go quietly and quickly there is that "Health Panel" that decides what treatments are appropriate for someone your age, but let's not call is "rationing."


Excellently expressed, Marge. The troubles with Medicare you describe will obviously in time descend upon the health care program.