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Thanks Ron,

How do we find them? Can we get the DEC records?


Dear Mike;

A copy of the current voter records names and addresses can be ordered from the SF Registrar of Voters or the Secretary of State. But I believe the application for the order has to be from a party director or chair or something like that. I believe there are restrictions on who can order copies of the registered voter files. The cost is really low a couple bucks or some such thing.

Anyone out there who knows what the regs are for getting cd-rom or diskettes of the registered voters?

Ron Getty

Mike Denny <mike@...> wrote:
Thanks Ron,

How do we find them? Can we get the DEC records?


It's got to be for a legitimate political use: any party or candidate can get the CD-ROM for $3. I'll be going to get one as soon as the registration deadline for the recall is over, and the data updated.

I think we should do door-to-door canvassing using this data:

* to support Mike Denny
* to collect petitions for March's primaries
* to get registered Libertarians to join the party

not necessarily in that order of importance.



  I agree the door-to-door canvassing is definitely something the LPSF ought to do. I believe the date to register for the recall election has already passed, but I don't know how soon they'll get their records up to date. They might send ballots to those new registrants before actually updating the entire database. We're also supposedly entitled to two free data requests per election cycle. I think I may have brought this up before and you said $3 isn't enough to worry about, which makes some sense, but I don't like giving the government a dollar more than we have to.

  By the way, with the legal gyrations over the recall, I went ahead and registered absentee for this election. You can still do that -- call them at (415) 554-4375 and they'll send you an application form you can mail or fax back for an absentee ballot that must be returned by Sept. 30. I figure if the recall somehow ends up getting postponed again and only absentee ballots already sent in end up being cast, I want to get in a vote in case those votes end up being unofficially counted at some point, even if it's only by the historians.

Yours in liberty,
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