RE: Proposition A Invitation [5 Attachments]

It went pretty well….maybe 25 people. Printed out Aubrey’s comments from the newsletter and some other items. See attached.

And printed this out.

While Mark seemed to be all for A, the membership clearly was not. The guy representing A had a slick brochure (of course) but really couldn’t handle the skeptical questions of the audience about cost and how it would be paid for. The accountability issue was also very sketchy.

Another point is they keep saying the next earthquake will collapse the seawall INTO the Bay. That’s exactly the opposite of what happened in 1989. The Seawall separated from the Piers and was easy to repair. This is clearly an attempt to amass a large sum of money and then go around and make deals with it.

It was fun.


By the way…I got the distinct feeling that Mark was one of those political insiders who has an alternate agenda to persuade his organization one way or another. After the event he talked to me at great length about the broad-based community support for A despite the dislike among his membership. He mentioned that he only invited us because it was their POLICY to invite the opposition.

Seems another smarmy SF political type.