Re: National Membership

Hi Mimi,

LP San Francisco would be happy to increase our membership and
participate in this drive. Please email me the resources you have to
help make this happen.

Jeff Yunes, LPSF Vice Chair


On 7 Oct 2021, at 14:24, Mimi Robson wrote:

Dear County Officers,

We have gotten the latest data from the national party for membership
by state, and California is currently still below 10% of the total
bylaws sustaining membership. What does this mean? Well,
unfortunately it means for the first time EVER California is not
eligible to be a region without joining with other states. We have
been working on growing the membership in both the state and national
parties, but we are coming down to the wire;
we need to reach the 10% before October 31st.

So today I am asking for all of your help! Riverside County has
already taken the lead on this, and are contacting registered voters
to try and increase the membership in the county, state, and national
parties. We have given them the data they need to contact people as
well as a personalized link they can use so we can track their
progress. I am hoping that all of our county organizations can do the
same as what Riverside is doing.

TJ has already set up the individual links, so if your county wants to
participate please let us know so we can get you what you need to make
this happen! AND, the county that brings in the most memberships will
be getting a special gift to help their local organization grow!

So please get back to us as soon as possible so we can get this going
and maintain our status as the only state that is its own region
(which will also mean we have more delegates at the 2020 national
convention in Reno!

In Liberty,

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