[Re: Mr Olivier's Position on Same Sex Marriage]

"...who identified herself as Mr. Olivier's campaign
manager... She indicated that not only would Mr. Olivier NOT sign any
bill legalizing same sex marriage Mr. Olivier would also NOT be disposed
to signing any legislation that would repeal or do away with state
licensed marriage for heterosexuals."

This is the first I had heard of this. Could someone there verify this
for me? Is Olivier really opposed to marriage equality of any kind?
I'm in total disbelief. I'm also three timezones away for another
several months, so I have to rely on confirmation from you folks closer
to the campaign.

Since Mr. Olivier's website already confirms that he opposes the
national party platform on immigration, then opposing its platform on
sexuality and gender would clearly constitute a "strike two" against his
Libertarian credentials. I'm hoping that this latest info is just an
ugly rumor. Otherwise, a spitting Druid would seem preferable.

Regardless of this new info about Olivier, I was already drafting a
letter to the LNC and national office staff asking them to adjust their
"Candidate Tracker" by adding points for adhering to the national
platform and/or subtracting points for deviating from it. This would
help on-message candidates like Guthrie, Schlosser, and Badnarik, and
keep candidates who oppose the LP platform from showing up so high in
the ranking on the national party's website. There may not be much of
the platform left, but I'll be damned if I'll sit idly by while
xenophobes and homophobes run under the Libertarian Party name.

If you'd be interested in signing onto this letter, let me know.


P.S. Feel free to forward my message to other lists in the state if it
will help us get an authoritative answer regarding Olivier's position on
marriage equality.