RE: [lpsf-discuss] The Challenge: Can We Emulate Norm Westwell In San Francisco

Hi Ron,
That sounds like some really good ideas - - - I mean to emulate Norm Westwell. The only problem I see with this is that one might actually get elected sometime and have to serve in some elected office, board or commission. This might be a huge problem for some people who do not want to serve on jury duty - - - elected office is much worse than jury duty in most cases.
Bob Parkhurst

Dear Robert;

Yeah - but when you run for election you know what you are asking for. With jury duty you never know what you'll end up with - it could be a day or two or couple months or something like the OJ trials and take a couple years.

Speaking about the OJ trial that Marcia Clark LA prosecutor had to be as dumb as a fence post when it came to criminal trial work. But OJ is still hard at work on the golf courses looking for the murderers of his ex-wife and that waiter.

The only thing OJ keeps forgetting is he only has to look into a mirror to see who murdered his wife and the waiter.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian