RE: [lpsf-discuss] thanksgiving

I'll send her $100 bucks for saying that. We gotta encourage that kind
of response in kids. Libertarians who don't appreciate how important
children are in our strategy are missing a very big point. As kids most
often end up with the political views of their parents, Libertarians who
don't have children and raise them as such are only a fraction as
effective as those who have kids and bring them up Libertarian. The
advertising industry knows well that it costs many multiples more to
change an opinion once someone is over 25 than it costs to form an
opinion when kids are young. While I applaud all outreach to the
young...there's no outreach to the young like having and raising
children yourself.

Derek, can I take you and your daughter to lunch to present her with the
Michael Denny Say Something Smart in School Award? How old is she? Maybe
I'll bring my daughter too.


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