RE: [lpsf-discuss] Stop TV Regulation

I was disturbed because it sounded as though he thought there were some things that should be censored, but he didn't want us to write him about them.

Afrer 34 years of faith based currency under Bretton Woods II, the
days of dollar hegemony are drawing nigh. Every faith based currncy
in the history of mankind has failed. Thirty years is a very long
runtime.With the Euro coming into question, worldd liquidity has swung
back into the dollar. But the tide has begun to ebb, and where the
tide of fiat cash goes next is uncertain, but it seems some will flow
into gold. The price of gold as quated in Euro's over the past few
days has broken out to new multi year highs. the corrupt market
manipulation of the price of gold by the fed and treasurie is nearing
it's physical limits. Resent problems with physical delicery of copper
in the colex onthe June contract, and tighness in silver indicate that
monetary demand is strating to overwhem supply in the precios and semi
precios metals that have had historic monetary roles. As precious
metals have always traded counter to stocks and bonds, traditionally a
well balanced portfolio has at least ten to twenty percent exposure to
precious metals and precious metal stocks. It is only recently that
the scam of paper money has become so well entrenched in the public
mind that PMs have dropped out of conservative diversification. At
this time, with gold sitting on a launchpad, minimal downside risk and
major upside potential, I urge my Libertarian friends to look into the
precious metals markets. The mining stocks have tremendous upside
leverage to the price of gold, and some actual possesion has for five
thousand years beeen a hedge against monetary chaos. I might ass that
gold and homestake minig were great performers during the freat
depression, and so the metal performs well in bad economic times
whether inflation or depressioon or stagflation. Great sitres for more
info are, stephen roach at morgan stanleys site, bill
gross and other at Pimco's site, these are mainstream guys, Warren
Buffets epistles on Berkshire Hathaway, the weeking rantings of the
Mogambo Guru on or the Saily Reckoning site.

My favorite Junior miner and my largest position is Nova Gold. My
favorite commodity play is Adanac Moly. Exposure to Uraniumm is also
advised. I have CCJ and USEX. The latter is a tiny company that has
all the US contracts to enrich uranium. The licenses are hard to
duplicate, and I bet this stock is a fovorite of Bush and the boys. I
am along for the ride. If you can;t beat em. CCJ is the old Canadian
government monopoly uranium play and is the world leader and has most
of the best deposits esp in Athaabasca basin. I have leaps. Suncor
and canadian rtar sands trust are both good plays on tar sands oil
which is economic and quite oprofitable at above 40 buckss a vvarrell.
The reserves in the athabasca tar sands rival those of Saudi
Arabia.Silver also deserves some attention.
I offer these tips in hopes some of you have a few bucks and can
multiply them as the fiat system goes the way of all fiat systems has
always gone every stinkin time it has been tried in all of recorded
history.Do;n't be lulled to sleep by the general media and the general
lethargy. Even Paul Volker has expressed doubts in recent op eds about
the stability of the system and the possibility of avoiding
catastrohe, and paul is not exactly a radical out of touch outsider.
Look it up. We are gonna need money to beat back the socialists and
fascsts after the system implodes or explodes. I hope anybody who has
a stash considers at least some or maybe a lot of diversification into
PMs and commodity stocks and metals. It''s up to you. follow the crowd
and stay in the dollar, stocks and bonds and lose or take at least
some exposure to preciious metals. But never ever go into debt or use
any leverage, options or margins in this sector cuz it is volatile.