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Dear All;
The best thing to do and to avoid the political power plays is to form a subscription corporation called San Francisco Power & Electric and buy out PG&E and form a private free enterprise owned gas and electric company for the benefit of San Franciscans.
On the matter of the Hetch Hetchy the power lines were laid up to a point about 1/4 of a mile from the main power substation which would have fed the power directly to San Francisco. his connection was never made and San Franciscans since then have paid premium prices for their electricity.
Once upon a time back in the 30's one of FDR's power house attorneys Harry somebody or other whose name escapes me at the time but a very powerful loyal ally of FDR brought suit in federal district court to force PG& E to provide by federal court edict the lowest possible prices for Hetch Hetchy hydro-electricity to San FRanciscans which was the original purpose of the feds allowing the dam to be built. Some how or other this got sidetracked in the ensuing years.
While the Supes are trying to pull a fast one the actual language of the initiaitve needs to be thotoughly examined. It should be posted along with all the other initiatives placed on the ballot as July 30 was the last day to place or pull an intiiave from the ballot.
I'll try to get more news about all the intitiaves in time for the Saturday Augusr 9th LPSF meeting.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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