RE: [lpsf-discuss] Sign ban/City Hall lobbying

Thanks Starchild....much appreciated. The event was on public access last night. Supervisor Daly was decidedly against the measure. I'm less worried now. Thanks for your activism.




  By the way, I almost forgot to mention, according to one person, your signs were specifically mentioned during the hearing! I don't know the context, but perhaps you caught that on TV?

Yours in liberty,
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P.S. - Another thing I forgot to add -- the danger, I think, is not so much that this will pass in its present form. The danger is that they will cook up a "compromise" which allows Fiona to reward the people who pushed her to do this with something. It may only be 25% or 10% as bad as the current proposal, but will still be a step in the wrong direction. Apparently she already said something about possible amendments. That's what worries me.

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