RE: [lpsf-discuss] SF City Hall hearing on Strip Clubs today (Wednesday) 3-5pm, Rm. 408


Oh, dear. Sorry, must pass. For all the reasons I am a nonchalant aesthete with no pretense at national, cultural, or essential loyalties, I take chosen anarchocapitalist loyalites as mere seriousness. In this case there are too many conflicting loyalties and I politely excuse myself.

see you on the nest barricade,

Jeanie shiris Ring {))(*)((}

"If their lives were exotic and strange...
they would likely have gladly exchanged them
     for something, a little more plain;
     maybe something, a little more sane...
We each pay a fabulous price
for our visions of Paradise
but the Spirit...
               of a Vision...
                              is a Dream..."
- Rush, 'Mission'