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Ron -

Thanks a lot - just wanted to check before I started passing these tidbits onto others.


FYI from someone who lived in Texas for 7 years and worked (fly on the wall on the website) of the 1st Bush Pres camp including comments in USA Today (though not below):

It was known during the 1st Gubenatorial election about the Abortions but did not (to my knowledge) rear it's head during the Presidential election. The understanding was that it was not just one woman in Houston but another in Dallas whom he paid for (rumored) but can't be confirmed.

I CAN speak to the fact that BOTH Gov. Ann Richards and then Candidate George W. accepted contributions from Waste Management who, due to *bankruptcy* was not able to take care of spills etc. which of course then resulted in the largest superfund sites in the country. Working on the M.O.S.E.S. suit v. Waste Management was one of the more disgusting periods of my life. We tracked records back to the early 70's when people were calling in complaining of the taste of the water around areas of the spills in Texas to years later, babies being born so deformed one could hardly call them human nor alive. A 20/20 Television evening magazine interview in 1996 highlighted the case.

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