RE: [lpsf-discuss] Reminder -- Need volunteers to attend Pride Pa rade Training!!!

By my count, we have 5--Rob, Chris, Fran�oise, Celine, and myself. Did I miss somebody, or does that mean we have no walking contingent? Or do we sacrifice the car?

Thankfully, Terry Floyd saved us. He and one other from the East Bay got the
training and will be joining us. Just because the training has passed does
not mean we should give up on recruiting walkers for our contingent.
Especially if we don't yet have a driver for the car (monitors have to walk,
and the driver from Juneteenth is one of our trained monitors).

We still need someone who can handle a stick shift convertible in very slow
stop-and-go parade traffic without burning up the clutch.

We also still need everyone to keep recruiting friends and family to join the
parade contingent. You can recruit right up to the morning of the parade if

Regardless, we're having a parade contingent with a banner (which can be
carried by 2 of our 6 monitors) and a car (the other 4 monitors), whether more
people join us to walk or not. Of course, it will be far less embarrassing
for Mike's campaign and Libertarians in general if we can get up to the
maximum of 25 walkers in our contingent.