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You miss the point Jeremy. I'm not saying I'm the smartest guy on this
list. I'm not saying I'm as smart as you. I'm saying I have great
respect for relatively conservative positions, especially when compared
to many others on this list...and I don't find these positions on income
tax and 9/11 to be outlandish at all.

I discuss these positions confidently with pastors, business associates
and have sent many friends and relatives to and I support
monthly the We The People organization who seeks to at least make the
courts be clear on the subject of the IRS, something they've declined to
do. These folks come back and thank me every time.

We are not "nutjobs". We are caring, concerned citizens and we presume
(until found wrong) that you are too. Thanks to Starchild for
questioning your obviously outlandish view that there could ever be
another Waco in this country. If it happens, it will be because the War
on Terror initiated by the deceit of 9/11, funded by the IRS is used to
justify it.

Now if you are saying that because you have a degree from a "highly
ranked engineering school" (Bill Gates dropped out of college) and
therefore your take on the subjects of 9/11 and the IRS is more credible
than someone without comparable formal education, you should know this
is called the "appeal to authority" fallacy. This means your positions
are not based on arguments that advance your position. They are an
appeal to your "authority" without basis in our experience or any facts
presented in your statement.

You are debasing the arguments of others without presenting anything to
support your position. In my view, this is a pretty weak way to enter
into a discussion if you are seeking cooperation and allies.

Michael Denny

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