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To the disappointment of some (possibly many) LP's register non-partisan. Of course with strong libertarian virtues and currently this party holds my only paid membership. I abhor municipal candidates that declare parties in non-partisan races.


  In my opinion there's nothing wrong with municipal candidates declaring parties in non-partisan races. I have openly talked about being a Libertarian in my races for school board and supervisor. I think it's a great opportunity to get the party name and message out there. Besides, if you out yourself as a Libertarian, it tends to inoculate you against others trying to use the info against you.

  Personally my disdain is for the non-partisan races themselves. I've come to see them as kind of an attempt to pull the wool over the public's eyes, to make it appear that the officeholders of these offices are somehow independent, or above the political fray. Nonsense. They have political viewpoints, political allies, campaign donors, and so on, the same as the partisan candidates.

  Judges are the worst examples of this, because with them it's taken a step further -- not only are they not supposed to talk about what party they belong to, they're not even supposed to talk about their views on various issues, lest they be called on to rule in a case involving that issue. But it's ridiculous to imagine that a judge is a blank slate when he or she sits down at the bench at the beginning of a case. Of course they have previously-formed views and opinions on the issues of the day. Either that or they are craven opportunists who have no core beliefs or deeply held opinions of their own which they are unwilling to sacrifice for political expediency.

  I say all public officeholders should be *required* to put their party affiliations and political beliefs out there for the public to examine. Ordinary people should have access to more information about government officials, than government officials have access to about them.

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I see that I may have been a bit unclear in part of the message below. When I said "my disdain is for the non-partisan races themselves," what I meant to voice objection to is the races being non-partisan.

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