RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Prop 73

Another way for parents (under Prop 73) who want to give their child
unlimited access to abortions would be for them to provide the child
with a notarized letter granting consent to any doctor who wants to
perform an abortion.


If the issue is really one of parental consent, then shouldn't this bill cover *all* medical procedures and prescriptions on children under 19, since either carries potentially serious health risks? Or just is the parental consent argument just a smokescreen or in other words, a lie?

It's disappointing to me hear Libertarians endorsing this sort of thing. How is it that people who understand how putting up barriers to recreational drugs merely creates a powerful black market for low quality and dangerous drugs and their associated risks can't understand how putting up barriers to abortions simply leads to coat hanger abortions and their associated risks?

Could it have something to do with the incompatibility logic and superstition?

-- Steve

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If that's so, what purpose does the bill serve?

-- Steve