RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: CHAOS AND ORDER

Thanks Phil...I'm not sure who's website you are talking about when you
say " check out Mark Seltzers website, he even says he'd do the Iraq
invasion knowing what he knows now" but I'm pretty sure it isn't Mark
Selzer our LP Vice-Chair.


I guess I meant Mark
Holtzer or whatever the
Libertarian from Anna
Eshous district is called,
either way, I'll have a
pastrimi sandwich with that
Seltzer, Phil

oh and folks that Canadian
West Petroleum I have been
pounding the table about
was up another ten percent
today of 2x average volume.
This stock was brought to
my attention by the same
guy who pounded the table
for Adanac Molybdenum
over two years ago, I had to
wait patiently for over two
years, but that one is up
over ten times more than
my original investment. The
canadians have really
cleaned up the vancouver
stock excahnge. Not ideally
libertarian, but the
Canadians strictly contril
what claims can be made
on a companies website. A
system of third party
validation of claims has
been established. While
mech of CWPC.ob 's
potential is not yet up to the
proven and probable stage,
there was exploration of
much of thier claim package
done by the canadian
government in the
seventies. They may have
around 30 billion barrels of
recoverable reserves. These
reserves are selling now for
around 3 cents a barrel,
and when and if production
is going full bore could
ultimatly be worth 30 bucks
a barrel, or1000 times what
they are going for now, If I
am overestimating things by
20 times, this stock could
still go to 50 times it's
present value. in the next
five years, Short term it has
a potential to lose fifty
percent, but unlikely. In
other words the reward is
waaaaay worth the risk. I
have twenty five percent of
my net worth riding on this
one, so I am maxed out. I
would like to see some of
you ride this one so maybe
we could have some well
heeled candidates or some
serious contributors to
public education campaigns
or proposition efforts. Cwpc.
ob may also move from the
over the counter market to
the AMEx increasing it's
liquidity and appeal to
funds. the miners are still
hated by wallstreet so this is
an opportunity to get into a
hated sector as sentiments
change. Please do your
own due diligence on this. I
am not a finacial advisor,
and may be completely
misled and wrong. As Mark
Twin said, the definition of a
Mine is a hole in the ground
with a liar on top.

As the former
congressperson from this
district Philip Burton, the
man who socialized
medicine in the United
States by FORCING
hospitals to take all comers,
famously said, Money is the
Mothers Milk of Politics.".