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Great letter! I missed seeing it in the paper so I was glad to see it here.
Keep those coming.
Bob Parkhurst

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Anti-Redevelopemnt LTE With Libertarian Affiliation

Dear Robert and Starchild;


Starchild you're right about the left wing side agreeing with the Redevelopment issue and the massive local neighborhood impact it has on the lives of those living in San Francisco.

As I mentioned in the anti-Prop A LTE Redevelopment has been one of the major driving force in the black community Diaspora in San Francisco from the Western Addition and the Fillmore. This is the reason why so many black families left San Francisco and now the same will be happening in the Bayview/Hunters Point.

The really sad part is their property taxes will be used to drive them out of their homes and neighborhoods by state regulations allowing redevelopment agency use of the selected neighborhood property taxes.

AND oh yeah the regulations for issuing redevelopment agency bonds are not regulated like City or State bonds. Plus -Surprise Surprise Surprise - the Hunters Point redevelopment project over its time frame of 30 years will suck up $100 million in adminstrative and payroll costs - it's in the package.

SO not only do the property taxes pay for the costs of moving people out it pays the pay of the people causing the people to move out. Nice double whammy!!!!!!

If you missed it yesterday I had an anti-Prop A anti-homicide panl LTE published Thursday with Libertarian affiliation.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian