RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Busy Mail Servers

Dear Rob,

Thank you for refusing to *debate* the abortion issue. Opening one more can of worms does not seem to me to do the LPSF much good (the veggy *debate* was strange enough... with bona fide lovers of liberty wanting the government to step in and save the day!). Thank you also for your brave words: " less time... debating the minutiae of libertarian theory... and would prefer to just try to accomplish the few things all of us libertarians can agree on (e.g., going after the IRS and DEA)." Please allow me to join you in the effort.



  For the record, I was not asking for an abortion debate. I'm actually somewhere in the middle on the issue myself. If you don't understand why I asked the question, then you evidently don't get my point about why libertarians can have honest disagreements about issues like animal rights and abortion any more than Rob did. I think that understanding that point can only lead to less acrimonious debates.

  I have also often stated I'd like to see us focus more on activism and less on the minutiae of libertarian theory. I'd personally rather we had a weekly precinct walk than a weekly chat, for instance, but that does not seem to be the group preference.

Yours in liberty,
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