RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Beliefs are held by individuals, not nations

Plainly, the biggest mistake/on purpose thing we do is have gov in our bed rooms and spirit.
The Founding Father apeasements because they too had to have some secular basis was their problem.
The constitution calls for a separation between church and state. PERIOD
Religious persons are going too far. The (at the time My) Republican party switch from mainly business to include the Christain Right (Reagan second term) has caused problems. Afganistan is a result of Christain preachings in a land that it was against the law. They were jailed. So American desposed the gov. Middle East battles are do to Christains inter'fearence that Jesus is second world wide to Mohomed.
Once Americans stay "at" home the world will be a better place. As long as we are not threatened, whatever a country do is their business. Sure Christains want the right the bring souls to Jesus anywhere they please. So then let the chips fall where they may. Be jailed in honor of your God, but don't expect Americans to come to the rescue. In China you get caught doing drugs you die. Marines won't come to your aid is the parrable I tell Chriatain missionaries.
The power the bible belt has over Washington must end from a stand up metropolis.

Oh My God I just lost some votes! SMILE