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Dear LPSF,
     Have a great time on your travels around S.F. The title of your
messages is about anti-Eminent Domain Initiatives, but there is nothing in
either e-mails I got about eminent domain. So just in case you didn't get
the information, I am sending it again. If you have any questions, you
can e-mail us or contact the main group at If
you e-mail us, we'll be happy to send you petitions. Thanks for any help
you can give us with this petition drive. To get this on the Calif.
ballot in Nov., we have to have 600,000 signatures by the end of April.
Two different groups are circulating petitions: ours is an all volunteer
group and the other is being financed by Howie Rich from New York. He
have a million and a half to the cause. Both petitions are slightly
Thanks for any help you can give. Bob and Marge

Limit Eminent Domain- Official Cyber Campaign- PLEASE FORWARD!

Limit Eminent Domain ~The People�s Initiative
Dear Fellow Californians,
This Initiative is an all voluntary grassroots effort organized by
concerned citizens whose aim is to join with others throughout California
to qualify an Initiative that would restore eminent domain to TRUE public
use and put an end to its widespread abuse. This is a nonpartisan
California Constitutional Amendment that is not tied to any political
ideology: its sole purpose is to prohibit eminent domain for private gain.
Local government would no longer be able to use eminent domain to transfer
your property to a private individual or corporation for development and
private gain and for higher tax revenues.
You have the opportunity to make a difference and have your voice heard by
going to:
where you can download the petition for this very important campaign to
limit eminent domain. You will also find important instructions for
printing and circulation. If you would like a petition mailed to you,
please call (408) 882-5008.

We have until April 30th to collect 800,000 signatures to qualify this
Initiative for the November 2006 ballot. Time is of the essence! Every
initiative since Prop 13 has used paid signature gatherers. We are
different in that we are grass roots and all volunteer. This is truly an
Initiative for the people, by the people!
Please forward this email to your groups, family and friends. It is our
intention to have LED's cyber campaign act as a pyramid, reaching fellow
Californians in every county!
Your participation in this important endeavor would be very much
appreciated and would be to the benefit of the "average" property owner.
Together, we can make this dream a reality!
Thank you!
LED Coordinating Committee .

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