RE: [lpsf-discuss] OpinionJournal Article: Third Time

Hi, All - - -

One of the problems is that too many people treat political parties like football or baseball teams - - - win for the team! The other team must lose. Who cares about the issues? We need more people who will say, "I vote for the issues not the party" Will you support the Libertarian party when they are right on one issue and not support them when they are wrong? Will, you admit that the Democrat party is right on this issue but wrong on that one? That even George W. Bush is right on some issues and wrong on many others? I see too much hate so the issues are only clouded in our minds and our discussions. It is hard to admit that someone is right on an issue when you hate them so much that you call them a Nazi one time and then try to rationally consider their issue the next time. I hope we can all join some other party than which we now belong and then work like hell to bring about a better America.

Bob Parkhurst

Dear Robert;

That's easy. Join the Libertarian Party and work with us for a better America of no foreign military entanglements, no taxes and no bureaucratic laws and a whole bunch of other no's when it comes to government of the government by the government and for the government.

And bringing "our" troops back home. "Our" forcibly taken taxes paid for them so "our" should have them right where "our" want them. Home defending "our" shores from evil militaristic nations bent on putting together vast armadas loaded with vast armies and daring to invade "our" vast nation all along its vast coastlines. Such nations like Iraq and Iran and Venezuela and Afghanistan and El Salvador and North Korea and Chile and Nicaragua and the most evil of evil nations Cuba.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian