RE: [lpsf-discuss] [NEW UNSEEN VIDEO] NYPD Chokehold Death : Eric Garner Chokehold Death - YouTube

I concur with your ravine senario; because, laws are not stringent words, not to be edited. Laws: are rules/situations governing a particular place/people at a particular time. Therefore, its the spirit of the law, that being violated, by procedural manipulators. As patterns develope, it becomes obvious a particular group lack of knowledge/access to the system is being taken advantage of by elected officials.
Then as it is now, to give legal explanation to a mob, would cause a quicker more immediate “charging of the Bastille”
Which is why great leadership needs to earn their salt: I don’t offer the politician/president this opportunity; instead, a well positioned person to lead many factions; timing playing a major role, also of which, I could use some time. In the end, local compromise must be achieved.
The libertarian model of community governing/bringing together various groups doesn’t have a preset foundation of which y o build. Also, the most aggressive have no structure, something anarchist shall take advantage of in lining up sacrificial citizens.
We are entering a new millennium era, one where, I observe these young legions who have lived through too much bs, too often/back to back; so, Marcy, I always agree, the common citizenry needs to come to grips locally; but with such polarization, no one wants to give in, even in a crisis of civil unrest. That’s where, in a responsible leadership position, I must shed, my own ideology, in search of a practical solution.
I saw so much damage growing up. So, many community members lost or imprisoned, which I know, scores of our young willing to bear.
Therefore, I gotta get people to work with their elected officials, and imagine, they might gave saved, New York; which I know, this was going to be a Staten Island weekend. The looting dress rehearsals, streamed quite well. Cop Darren resigning solution helped, tremendously. There are small measures everyday people can make certain, at least that something, was done.
But then, it seems, every time I turn around, all I’m doing is putting out fires, and not really accomplishing, anything. :pensive:

Well, Eric, I am not entirely averse to working with legislators (rather than adopting a confrontational attitude toward them), but my primary effort will continue to be working with regular folk in hopes of finding solutions at the ballot box. As you point out, the alternative would not be pretty. The Middle East is offering a preview of what sacrificial lambs, who have also lived through too much, can do. And one can clearly see what you call the "most aggressive" are getting ready for by visiting any local gun show -- these guys and gals are equal opportunity defenders of their turf!

So, you and I are working for solutions to the several messes of today, perhaps not in entirely the same way. Trust me, I am no uncaring elite.