RE: [lpsf-discuss] [NEW UNSEEN VIDEO] NYPD Chokehold Death : Eric Garner Chokehold Death - YouTube

I have to faith in the DA to have a belief a jury can get it right (?)

Marcy, more importantly, I believe by a constant barrage online/fb of a segment of the African Americans/blacks: who we are referred to as N-worders, began and are making it clear (using of wording) #burnbabyburn towards the US military industrial complex shall be fought; under a belief of “a right to self defense” understanding in the long run we would take major loses.
The commercial demonstrations would just be cover. There was to be no Christmas.

Everyone wants to play legal who’s who: not recognizing the pain and fear our government is causing.
No one offered any solutions, until in large numbers a segment of the population, at risk of FCC violations, began posting extreme retaliatory measures. Anarchist alternatives being suggested by those everyday practicing anarchy.

My point to everyone is, things have gotten to a point, anger would be the only to prevail.

Possibly, African Americans got to president (finally) with word of their relative’s intentions.
Since, his coming forward solution oriented, a toning down seems possible.

I must add, the commentary of social intellectuals is getting extremely disrespectful. It is as if people are doing whatever research necessary to suggest or prove, we just gotta accept 409 police killings a year. For so many intellegent to believe such, to me suggest “thinking in a vacuum” not keeping a Keane ear to what’s occurring in the minds of urbans’ already on edge from so much, forced logic.

With today being a first in the seemingly aggressive elements calm: I say please, become solution oriented, even if you believe otherwise, we solely are the problem. Because, then in my estimations, this problem will explode. It shall take just one urban segment individual act of extreme, to light much of the country on fire.
A belief that the military can put it down before major destruction, is ‘a fool’s notion’.

In “…promoting the general welfare and hence…” by those citizens with the ear of politicians should set their opinions aside and do what’s best for the young people, who nearly all of all races want this recent onslaught of police violence against young black men to stop.
NYC may have just saved a lot of our kids lives, by at least offering some hope of solution. Just enough for right now.
Please, everyone hold your opinions from derailing such efforts.
Please, everyone (if just on this issuse) give the president a chance to do something (?)

And, finally, I must mention, have some empathy, if not for the one killed by the cop, then for those of us who read some of the comments #lesliemungus as a hate statement to go to war. Even though, everyone us entitled to an opinion “don’t yell fire in a crowded theater” at such a sensitive time of other killing occurring.
I plan to post otherwise a lessening of my opinion while, I give the president and hopefully other officials an opportunity to bring forth solutions. Also, congratulate the anarchy elements on stopping the growth of the military industrial complex.

I thank everyone for their consideration.

Thank you, as always, Eric, for your down-to-earth heartfelt comments. A version of the "right of self defense" you describe is precisely what I was describing in my story about folks being tossed into the ravine -- the ordinary residents, who perceived themselves as good and law abiding, saw the tossing as their exercise of self defense. Although I am a strong supporter of nullification (jury nullification or state nullification), I also recognize that when laws are thought as stupid or optional, we run the risk of ordinary citizens devising their own versions of self defense. That's when the feathers might hit the fan.

I agree that being solution oriented is good in any situation. That is what I was suggesting in the last paragraph of my post. However, you and I look for solutions in different places. You seem to be looking to President Obama for a solution (correct me if I misinterpreted you). I would prefer to look for solutions in the neighborhood groups made up of ordinary folks like you or I, such as the one I mentioned in my post. Looking to the government for solutions, even if the part of government is the Executive Branch, seems like a non-starter to Libertarians.

By the way, the website I recommended has good views on the fear and pain you mention, Eric, caused by certain laws the people we elect pass, and then insist that police and other personnel enforce.