RE: [lpsf-discuss] Innocents Betrayed

I'm afraid I dropped the ball on the JPFO video orders, because the
group order required that everyone give their name and address in
advance, and I hadn't been able to collect that information from all
the interested parties.

I didn't collect any money for this group order. My plan was to
order a half dozen on my own credit card then "sell" them to people
at the next meeting, but as I said, JPFO wouldn't let me do that. If
we wanted an order of 6, they needed 6 names and addresses on the
order form.

Anyway, I never placed the order, but I also never collected any
money. We can try the group thing again if you'd like (we save 5
bucks per VHS/DVD), but I'm so busy with my office move right now
that I don't have time for cat herding, so someone else will have to
take the lead.

Again, I don't recall receiving any money for any of the videos, but
if you have a check stub or old email or whatever that suggests
otherwise, I could be wrong. I know I was trying to get the order
done so we'd receive the videos in time for the holidays, so it's
been several months. I just don't remember anymore. In fact, due to
a disk crash in February, I can't even go back and find the emails
telling me which 5 or 6 people were interested in getting copies of
the video.

So, Mike and others, let me know if you have something suggesting
that you already sent me money for your video, and I'll refund it to
you. And if anyone is interested in arranging a group order, feel
free to take the lead.


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