RE: [lpsf-discuss] Innocents Betrayed group video order

Thanks for a plausible response. Not having heard of Ricki Lake, I'm not in a position to judge the audience you think the film was intended for. I'm also a little uneasy if the definition of "reasonable" is "agreeing with us." But I hope the film is as effective with those folks, whoever they are, as you think it may be.

Hmm. Hard to explain Ricki Lake to someone who hasn't watched TV in
many years. I'll try another reference -- Phil Donahue (hoping you
know that one -- Ayn Rand was on Donahue's show). Okay, Ricki Lake
is a daytime talk show host who makes Phil Donahue seem respectable
and whose audience makes Donahue's audience look like a MENSA

That's the face of the modern voter, I'm afraid. Fortunately,
someone at JPFO figured that out.

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