RE: [lpsf-discuss] I’m begging you

You get to double-down on the war-crimes committed in you name and on your dime, with relentless torture, committed in your name and on your dime.

I want people to be as boring in what they want as I am. I want specifics. Example: Active duty Army Capt. Nicholas Smith back in May decided to sue Barack Obama over the presidential unconstitutional wars that have been raging since the "Korean Conflict." So far, the Army has not succeeded on arresting or otherwise punishing Capt. Smith for his lawsuit. In my humble view, that is the kind of action that might help clarify what government is supposed and not supposed to do.

So, here is a plug for the War and Law League Facebook Page I have volunteered to keep, where I posted Capt. Smith's situation

We all have different way to curb the beast. Chelsea has her way, Snowden his way, Smith his way. And we each have our way.