RE: [lpsf-discuss] Here's an interesting strategy I could get behind

It looks like you get into it from here>

The libertarians in
Maryland ate socialized
medicine to nominate
this guy, it seems from
a cursory review of the
website. I guess they
had no Mike Edelstein.

On the other hand, I
have been wanting to
pass this by you all for
a while...

Ever since Rep. Philip
Burton D. 8th district
California, ie this
district, , the man the
Federal Building is
named after, proposed
and pushed through the
Burton Act, every
hospital in the country
has been forced to take
all comers regardless of
ability to pay. Thus
Burton essentially
socialized medicine in
this country., passing
the expense of the
uninsured onto the
backs of those who
want to keep insurance.
I don't need to tell
anyone here about the
nightmare quasi free
system we are left with.
Would it be a step
towards liberty to go
ahead and explicitly
socialize medicine in
exchange for two things.
1. The liberation of
completely free market
unregulated hospitals
that were not forced to
do anything except not
commit fraud or force or
pollution of neighboring

2. Provide a
mechanism for users of
socialized medicine to
legally reward
providers of excellent
socialist service.

Would either 1 alone or
1 and 2 be a stand that
I could morally take as
a candidate???

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