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Check it the way, the San Francisco Business Times published
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San Francisco Business Times

Dear Editor,

In his article, ""Rainy Day Fund" shows S.F. Supervisors aren't all
wet", Nathan Nayman demonstrates how much our business community suffers
from low expectations when it comes to City Hall. This Charter Amendment
is called the "Rainy Day Fund" as it suggests City Hall should save
money during surplus times rather than spend it. While some of its
accountability aspects are good, putting politicians in charge of a
"Rainy Day Fund" is like having foxes guard the henhouse. If and when we
ever see surplus funds at City Hall again, they should not be put into a
"Rainy Day Fund". The only safe place for extra tax money is with the
taxpayers. Surplus funds should be returned immediately as they do in
Colorado. Their taxpayers now have a stake in maintaining their budget
and are forcing politicians to cut spending. We should expect the same
and more. Vote for high expectations from City Hall. Vote NO on G.

Michael F. Denny
Libertarian Candidate for San Francisco Mayor
Ph: (415) 986-7677 x123
Fax: (415) 986-4004


  I understand your arguments against the "Rainy Day Fund," and there is an ideological point to be made, but I hope even you'll admit that it is far from the most objectionable thing on the ballot. I expect the measure to pass overwhelmingly — probably with something like 80% of the vote. It would be a shame in my opinion if you spent any more energy railing against the city setting aside a portion of its revenues during flush times when there are so many more deserving ballot targets to choose from. Not to mention the things that aren't even on the ballot, like Fiona Ma's misguided effort to ban street fliers and posters or the new registration requirements quietly being enforced against freestanding newsracks.

Yours in liberty,
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