As reasonable as it sounds, I'm uneasy with your strategy of "saving our energy for the battles we can win." Which battles are those? Repealing the income tax? Abolishing Social Security? Ending the War on Drugs? Ending gun control? It's hard to think of any Libertarian plank which has a chance of winning in the near future. Where would we be now if we had stuck to that strategy from the beginning? These positions were all more radical 30 years ago, and the change can surely be attributed, at least in part, to advocacy of them by groups like the LP. If we wait until we have a chance of winning before we say anything, we'll always be behind the curve, and always be stuck explaining why we're only now jumping on the bandwagon, now that others have done the work for us. Getting government out of marriage is a radical idea, but I think there are a lot of people in a position to appreciate the wisdom of it even now, and its usefulness for their own lives, if it were presented with any competence at all.