I liked Rob's suggestion, but I think I like yours better, Mike. Might be an interesting point for Sunday's LGBT forum, looking at how destructive and intrusive the government has been in heterosexual family life. A good example for showing the benefits of people managing their own lives by making their own contracts.

Why not do both?

Oppose Knight's initiative, because it's an attack on "equality under the
law", which Libertarians supposedly wish to defend. But also propose a
counter-intitiative to invalidate ALL state marriage licenses, along with the
rights and responsibilities that go with them.

But, honestly, until all my dear married Libertarian friends tear up their
state marriage certificates and give up all the rights granted to them by
those licenses (such as making medical decisions for one's spouse, etc.), I
have to interpret any Libertarian supporting Knight's initiative as believing
that all people are equal, just that some are more equal than others.

A very good point.

-- Steve


  I think we ought to support equal treatment for all types of marriages under the law, and do so vociferously. If the State Department of Health were refusing to pay black employees as much as white employees, wouldn't we roundly condemn this unequal treatment despite the fact that we don't believe there should *be* a state Health Department? I think there is no question that Libertarians would strongly condemn such an unfair policy.

  If we do not come out just as strongly against government discrimination when it concerns people of differing sexual preferences, then we are guilty of a double standard. And it would be one more piece of evidence that the party is tilting to the right.

Yours in liberty,
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