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I heard an interview the next day with a journalist on NPR who verified this
report. He remarked that while the images shown on television gave the
impression of large crowds of Iraqis bringing the statue down, the truth is
that there really weren't that many people and they were completely
surrounded by Marines guarding them. He also pointed out that during the
entire event, a rather fierce battle was raging scarcely more than 200
meters away, yet no cameras were allowed to venture beyond the square to
record the other actions taking place simultaneously.

Terry Floyd


  Is it your understanding that the military was controlling the
movement of the non-embedded journalists present in Baghdad when they
arrived (U.S. and non-American media alike)? If so, I'm surprised more
wasn't said about it. On the other hand, maybe it was -- I haven't been
following the news as closely the last couple days. But it does seem like a
nearby firefight would have been clearly audible on the TV feed from the
square if they included sound. Sound could also have provided a clue to
crowd size, if used. Anyone recall whether any of that footage included

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