RE: [lpsf-discuss] First batch of candidates

Is that $990 each?

I'll start by giving each candidate $100. There'll be more as the
campaigns get going. By the way, we may want to start standardizing the
materials to create some "institutional memory" as the City Hall Unions
so like to say. After all, my hand-out was what Tony Hall used. Sarosh
so graciously helped me get it together. I'd be happy to share it and
other materials from my campaign. We should try to store these and our
contact info for races in the future so we don't have to start from
scratch every time. What do you say?


Mike, I applaud your pledge!

As for re-use of materials, I 100% support it. I am updating the voter database with data that I gleaned from walking. Some people have moved. Others signed. It would have been useful to me if I had a database that said "these people signed last year" so I could have visited them first, and got a higher hit rate. This datas should stay with the party.


Mike Denny wrote:

Mike - This is fantastic news! Thanks!
I am now slightly less stressed about the blank check
I wrote than I was last night. With my employment
situation rather tenuous at the moment, I can only put
in $200 myself, but I have commitments from a couple
of non-libertarians for an additional $100 as well.

Anything is appreciated at this point.

Also, the official candidates report just went out a
couple of hours ago for those who are interested-


--- Mike Denny <mike@...> wrote:

I'm more about contributing time and effort than money, and won't try to match Mike Denny's generosity. However I think his idea about sharing campaign information among ourselves is an excellent one, and I was actually thinking about something similar before I read his post.

  Consequently, I'll give $20 to any LPSF candidate who gets on the ballot and promises to create a simple log to keep track of the money he raises and to share the information at our meeting after next November's election (if not more frequently during the campaign).

  Candidates, this means listing your donors, the amount given by each (including any cases where a donor chooses to be listed as "Anonymous") along with a brief note about how each donation was attained (e.g. via the LPSF list after someone heard you were facing a huge filing fee, from a personal friend who found out you were running, from some stranger who came up to you after a debate and handed you a check because she liked what you said, etc.).

  Why this condition? Because I think tracking this info will be helpful to you in your campaign, and I know sometimes an incentive, even a small one, can be the little push we need to take that extra step. A ready list of supporters comes in handy for listing on campaign literature, contacting people to come to events, or just being able to tell interviewers or potential donors that "over __ people have already donated to my campaign." If we all give each other money, even just a few bucks, every LPSF candidate will be able to boast a decent-sized donor list. This is why I'm giving money even though I'll be running for School Board and attempting to raise funds for my campaign. 8) (If any of you do decide to write me a check, please don't hesitate to remind me to record it in my own donor log!)

  Also my expectation is that taking the time to do this will pay off not only for the candidates but for all of us as Mike suggests, by building institutional memory -- in this case making us more aware of where our money is coming from and more conscious of potential opportunities to raise more of it.

  Furthermore I'll offer another $25 to any candidate who agrees to file paperwork with the city stating the intent to legally spend over $1000 on his campaign. (Naturally this means committing to a sincere attempt to raise the money!) Anybody willing to take that plunge certainly deserves some additional support. Now if you want to be a big spender, all you'll need is 39 more people willing to give the same amount, and you're in business. 8)

Yours in liberty,
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