RE: [lpsf-discuss] Digest Number 327

This "appointment only" thing is what I'd heard on the news the other night,
as well, but maybe they've changed their minds again.

Today at the big wedding reception at the Hyatt downtown, Mabel Teng said
something to the effect of, "we're going to keep marrying anyone who wants
to get married, so come on down". I thought maybe I heard wrong, but I
leaned over and asked Lauren (she and her boyfriend Jim are some of the best
straight allies I've ever met, and so they joined me at the reception), and
she said it sounded to her, too, like they were ditching the "appointment
only" thing. So, I'd suggest checking again on Monday to make sure that's
still the plan. Mabel went on to thank her deputy (I've forgotten her name)
for "spending all weekend teaching" more computers to do the licenses, so
they would no longer be restricted to 5 computers. The "appointment only"
decision may have been due to a resources constraint that no longer exists.

But even by appointment only, they could still be doing up to 50 a day, more
than half of them gay marriages, but I wouldn't mind seeing half of my
donation going toward roses for the straight couples as well. Who knows?
They could be potential allies, just like Lauren and Jimmy, who would be
receptive to the Libertarian message and just need a little outreach...

Thanks again for doing this, guys!