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Thanks for this information. Not that I didn't believe you, but Sec. 8 seems so awful and undemocratic that I called around to make sure the information you sent wasn't just another of a long line of hoaxes that are sent around the internet.

Feinstein's office and Speier's office knew about it and said they had gotten quite a few phone calls about it. The person at Speier's office told me that the Sec. 8 part was the administration's idea. Boxer's office did not know what I was talking about. McCain's office went to voice mail and I left a message and Obama's went to a message that said, "Sorry, his mailbox is full." No one at Boxer's Feinstein's or Spreir's would comment on the Section 8 part, but all told me that , of course, they'd pass on my concerns. We can hope that they really do.
    In hopes that they do listen to what people say when they call in, I encourage all of you to call one or more:
        Boxer 916 448 2787 Feinstein 202 225-3531
        Speier 650 342-0300 McCain 202 224-2235 Obama 202 224-2854

   I did find the following comment by McCain which might indicate that he is against Sec. 8:
SCRANTON, Pa. - Republican John McCain on Monday called for greater oversight of the Bush administration's proposed bailout of U.S. financial markets, saying the massive $700 billion plan being crafted by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson needed broader supervision.
"Never before in the history of our nation has so much power and money been concentrated in the hands of one person. This arrangement makes me deeply uncomfortable," the presidential candidate said at a rally here. "We will not solve a problem caused by poor oversight with a plan that has no oversight."
  Keep on keeping us informed as to what is going on. Thanks.

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