RE: [lpsf-discuss] Bush & Kerry ignore impending U.S. debt disaster (SF Chronicle)


Dear Goddess.

Just last night my ex-girlfriend said that she is seriously considering leaving the country.. She follows abortion poltics, and on that front Planned Parenthood is already creating contingency plans for if and when Roe is overturned. She just doesn;t want to live here once the young start growing up under patriarchal morality with teeth again. That and the draft being reimposed... well, I shudder to think that she may be right. I just hope there's somewhere else to go.

But all that added to a general financial disaster... I am just terrifed if this article is right. The state economic controls that would result scare me, but what absolutely terrifies me is the massive surge of resentiment against anyone who is seen as "hedonistic" and "irresponsible" in a time of scarcity and national solidarity. Combine that with war obligations that are politically impossible to cut and the socail climate of a pro-life and drafted society...

I see tanks rolling into San Francisco.

But this can't be true, *can it*?

cheerful thoughts,
for someone ashamed to say she would survive


"If their lives were exotic and strange...
they would likely have gladly exchanged them
     for something, a little more plain;
     maybe something, a little more sane...
We each pay a fabulous price
for our visions of Paradise
but the Spirit...
               of a Vision...
                              is a Dream..."
- Rush, 'Mission'