RE: [lpsf-discuss] Bryan Kaplan on arguments uniquely applied to immigration [1 Attachment]

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It’s kind of like we have a situation where we have open immigration with benefits, people can live and setup camps on the streets, shoot up drugs and defecate anywhere they want…..but try to prune a tree on your own property or add a skylight to your kitchen…and watch the whole power of the state descend upon you. My friend in North Beach has been trying to open a store on Grant Street for a year to sell Italian dry goods like packaged pasta and olive oils. He is crying about everything he has had to go through. He’s been paying rent for a year and still no permit.

I’m all for freedom but this is a pretty strange kind of freedom. Something is not right. There needs to be a more egalitarian approach to freedom across the whole of society. We can’t just single out individual cases of freedom independent of all the others, argue them individually and say the job is done. They all should get done or NONE should get done. Why should the freedom of immigrants get more value than my friend on Grant Street or my pal trying to prune trees on his property? Society should have a freedom sit down strike until freedom is equally distributed.