Re: [lpsf-discuss] Bill Would Require Police Officers to be 25 or Hold Bachelors Degree / New LPSF Forum email lists

Hmmm. I have mixed feelings about this, Richard. People are individuals, and the age discrimination fails to recognize that, instead painting all under-25-year-olds with the same broad brush as inherently less qualified. I’m also not a fan of credentialism. Do we really want more incentives for individuals and families to throw their money at overpriced universities in the grip of far left political correctness and identity politics?

The counter-argument would be the “practical” consideration that younger police officers do tend to be disproportionately hot-headed compared to their more seasoned colleagues, and that, in the case of future police officers, more exposure to the liberal atmosphere of academia might actually tend to do them some good.

Still, I’m not sure I can support the bill, let alone get enthused about it. I just hope this milquetoast measure won’t dampen any energy or momentum for more substantive police reforms. What’s really needed (short of strong libertarian solutions like abolishing government police or at least all the victimless “crime” laws they’re expected to enforce) is a complete overhaul of police academy training. Make it transparent and open to the public, and design it to weed out the thuggish, yahoo types who want to be police officers because they enjoy being bullies and telling other people what to do.

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