RE: [lpsf-discuss] 9/11

Thanks, Mike. A couple of interesting things here. One is the critique
of Reynolds' essay (which you had previously supplied), and Reynolds'
reply. The critique basically accepts Reynolds' main points about WT1,
WT2, and WT7 having been brought down by controlled demolition.
Reynolds is criticized only for skepticism about the involvement of
planes, but, as he acknowledges, he wasn't making such strong claims

The other piece I found especially interesting was the 42 pages of
eyewitness testimony on the Pentagon. I had previously read only a
single eyewitness report. Out of all these, at least half a dozen
mentioned an American Airlines jet specifically. Some said a 757; some
said a 737; and one said quite definitely that it was an 8- to
12-passenger jet. Most said the landing gears were up, but one said
they were down. One said the cabin windows were closed; one said the
cabin was dark; others said you could see passengers through the cabin
windows. Thank goodness for eyewitnesses.