RE: [lpsf-discuss] 29) The other side of The Force

Oh...and by the way...the Socialist Workers were Anti-War...and they
still are...but every other popular element of their platform is gone to
the Democrats...and now the Republicans too.

So the Libertarians can still be the party of parochial and personal
political issues that are important but non-mainstream politically...but
if we refuse to embrace the political environment of the MAJORS and
ignore them because they ignore our personal and parochial (sorry but
nationally enforced gay marriage, prostitution rights, immigration
rights and the drug war while very important are still relatively
parochial) positions, the Libertarians will be left with these issues
when the bigger, broader issues of the economy, taxation, the FDA, FBI,
CIA, HUD, IRS, States rights, the demand for a declaration of war before
the US military can be involved in a foreign conflict...move into the
mainstream (hopefully).



Thanks for your strong statements here. My own position is that I could not support Ron Paul as a Libertarian candidate (I worked for Russell Means, against him, for the nomination in 1987, though I later learned that Means' position on gay rights was perhaps even worse than Paul's); with his stands, not only on gay rights but even more on immigration, I would not want him as our standard bearer, giving people a badly distorted view of libertarianism. But I can enthusiastically support his candidacy as a Republican, and am doing so; I'm attending the lunch on the 13th, and have ordered my "Anarcho-Capitalists for Ron Paul" T-shirt and sweatshirt from Café Press. As usual, I don't know why everybody doesn't see things my way :-).