RE: [lpsf-discuss] 26) The most crucial gap in politics

This thread seems to have died a natural death, but I just read this
weekend a wonderful article which is very pertinent. I never heard of
the author, but he has Rothbard's sense of humor. The first half-dozen
sentences, to tempt you:

"As every honest man knows, crime doesn't pay. Our main problem is that
apparently no one has yet told the criminals. Crime is our number one
growth industry, and currently exhibits such bullish prospects that its
present competitor seems content to merely slow its rate of growth.
Thus the government would have us rejoice that the alligator is eating
us slowly. Such a tremendous achievement with the second derivative of
the crime wave should be promptly rewarded by throwing the rascals out.
It is time to look at alternatives to our current system, rather than to
debate further over who sails the slower boat to Hell."