RE: [lpsf-activists] Re: Tax Day

I wish I had time to help you write one but I’m really busy right now. This should help:

Subject: [lpsf-activists] Re: Tax Day
From: “Amarcy D. Berry”
Date: Thu, March 26, 2009 12:06 am

Nuts! I refuse to suggest purchasing brochures for almost one dollar each. I will mull this over and either find a free brochure or write one this weekend.


Only the sample is free. It has a watermark across it, so it’s useless
for printing and distributing. It’s the one I attached to my last
email. There isn’t one available for free that you can print and use.

Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

Hi Rob,

My goodness! No, I do not mind if you distribute the bills! My
suggestion was that we distribute something more substantial
(“serious”) as well.

I was going to suggest ordering from ISIL, but their tax brochure
seems rather dated. I looked up what LP National had on taxes, and was
amazed that they want us to pay $.95 for each brochure!! LP offers a
free PDF of the tax brochure, which I tried several times to download
without success. I will try again tonight. So, my suggestion would be
for me to print either the free LP PDF brochure; or if I do not
succeed, write something myself (I will post anything I write for


— In, Rob Power <chair@> wrote:

Do you have any suggestions for what educational material to order?

BTW, attached are the “Million Dollar Bills” that I had planned on
distributing. I understand that you want something more effectively
educational, but I hope you don’t mind us giving out these as well.
They seem pretty good, IMHO. That 11 seconds statistic is from 2007. I
bet it’s under 10 seconds now…

Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

Hi Rob,

It appears that the Ron Paul Group is planning to hand out DVD’s at
post offices (with further details to come); and supposedly there

be people participating in “Tea Party Day”, which appears to be a
handing out leaflet,educational event also.

I am wondering if LPSF should order some tax-related education
material to hand out. And, no, I do not consider our “war bucks”
effective educational material.


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Thant is a neat website, Francoise. Thank you!

PS When you think about it there are *a lot* of libertarian and/or free market websites around. I do not see a list/link to them on our website, and am wondering if we do, and if not should we?


The beauty of the new website is that those of you with logins can just
create an article (leave it in the Latest News category for now and
don't publish it to the Front Page), and then later we can decide where
to put it. Organizing the content is the easy part. Generating the
content is the hard part. Generate your links list and get it onto the
website, and we'll worry about where to put it later. Even a
disorganized site is still useful with that Search bar at the top
right. But if the content isn't generated and put on the website at
all, then it's of zero use.

Amarcy D. Berry wrote: