RE: [lpsf-activists] Re: [NorCalLibertarians] Need volunteers for SF Pride Contingent Monitors [Contingent Monitor Trainings]

We should tell the Pride Committee to cancel the parade; it won't be the

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Dear UCSF Mike;

Here's your chance to really step up - just borrow Starchilds Statue of Liberty outfit and roller blades - it'll sorta be the same but maybe not quite exactly the same but close enough to being the same to almost pass for the same. You know what I mean - sort a almost maybe just about - okay?

If you can't then I think we could easily get Mike Denny to do the Statute of Liberty thing on rollerblades. : - 0

Okay okay okay if Mike Denny can't then I know - Marcy!!! She might have to do rollerblades on stilts so the outfit wouldn't drag along the street - but you know she could just about almost maybe quite just make it work.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Dear Ron,

Sorry. I already volunteered to staff the booth, while you take Starchild's place on the roller blades!!! Hee Hee!


Dear Marcy;

Nope you gotta have someone who is athletic. I nominate Dr. Michael Edelstein. Who gets up at 3:00 am and does his exercising. Anybody who does that at that time of the morning deserves to be got up as a Statue of Liberty on rollerblades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let her roll Dr. Mike let her roll!!!!!!!!

Hey Starchild say Hi to Maurey from the LPSF when you bump into him back there.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Good try, but I don't roller skate because I have a poor sense of balance.
You probably discerned that from my extremist anarchist views.

Warm regards, Michael