RE: [lpsf-activists] Re: Gun ban committee

Good question Marcy. I discussed it with Ron Getty yesterday. It seems,
from a purely political perspective, the NRA and the Republicans own the
issue because they can afford to own it. They are funding the legal
challenge through the political arm of the NRA and there's probably a
decent chance they'll win. I'll be happy about that. I'm just wondering
what the Libertarians are going to get out of it.

If the challenge fails and the bill passes, we are losers who supported
the "dreaded" Republicans and the NRA.

If the challenge wins, we are winners associated with the "dreaded"
Republicans and the NRA.

The problem is that the bill is likely to be decided in the courts
rather than in the world of public opinion and the ballot. From a
political perspective it seems we, as a party don't have much to gain
with this issue. I strongly recommend that we individually campaign
against this in any way our little band of brothers and sisters can
muster. I'm not sure what we can win for the party.

It could be that as the party of principle, we should come out loud and
long about it. Maybe that's enough. All I can say that when I had my
mayoral fund-raising party, a number of our local party members told me
they didn't show up because it was at a gun club. While they said they
supported the right to KABA, they personally didn't like guns and would
go to a place where they were.

Let's face it...we are lefty Libertarians in a real lefty place. Our
goal seems to be primarily opening the minds of the left-leaning
majority. Having spent (wasted) an enormous amount of time trying to
work with the Republicans and the NRA specifically, I can tell you we
aren't going to get anywhere with them. They are thrilled that someone
who gets busted smoking pot looses their right to KABA despite the fact
that this is the only part of the Bill of Rights that can be taken away
for a misdemeanor. I'm just questioning why we should go forward. I can
be persuaded.