RE: [lpsf-activists] Re: Civil Liberties Initiative

Thanks, Starchild, for compiling this list, and the following one regarding the police. My 2¢:

I think the arguments are strong, though perhaps not quite compelling, for (a) local over state or national issues and (b) for measures with teeth as opposed to mere symbols. That said, I think it's also important that the leftist issue be an obvious winner, one that people will be so eager to sign a petition for that they will be more likely to sign our economic petitions(s) as well. A subtle trap for us here is that--at least on social, if not tax, issues--San Franciscans may be somewhat less liberal than the positions they loudly espouse (the NIMBY phenomenon, for example). That consideration makes those toothless foreign policy resolutions look more attractive. I agree with you that the gun issue, urgent as it is, is perceived as right-wing, and is the opposite of what we want. The health code issue for feeding the homeless might be a good one, if it isn't turned around by the opposition to mean lack of caring ("Let them eat ____"), always a risk when we propose removing government standards. The police salary cap has special promise right now, with the recent scandal; I wonder if that might be leftist enough to balance the tax measure.

(I note that good arguments have been raised against every possible initiative, so all of the arguments taken together could support the conclusion that the LPSF should do nothing at all.)