RE: [lpsf-activists] Phil's petition in lieu of filing fee

Done. I put mine in the mail just now. You should have it Monday or Tuesday.


Subject: [lpsf-activists] Phil’s petition in lieu of filing fee [1
From: Rob Power
Date: Sat, January 23, 2010 3:27 am

[Attachment(s) from Rob Power included below]
I’m attaching a scan of Phil’s petition, and I’ve also uploaded a copy to:

Registered Libertarians who live in Congressional District 8 (most of San Francisco) can sign this petition and save Phil over $20 in filing fees for each signature. If you print this (it must be printed on a single sheet, double-sided, preferably laser printer, though I don’t think that’s a legal requirement) and mail it to Phil, be sure to not only sign the front, but also fill out the back as the circulator (the circulator must be present for each signature on that particular page of the petition, which is why you have to serve as your own circulator if you’re mailing the signed petition to Phil).

Phil, and others, if there are other clarifications and/or instructions, please post them.


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