RE: [lpsf-activists] Our LPSF phone number

My tech guy just told me we can keep the number...but I'll be happy to
step down from the responsibility of maintaining the technology.

And I'll be happy to work with Francoise to share the newly reduced
costs of the line in solidarity with Marcy's goals for our organization.


Thanks Francoise for stepping up, and Mike for continuing to help. Much as we migrated LPSF web hosting and domain registration from Bryce's personal account to an account with LPSF's name and Market Street PMB on it, I'd like to see us migrate our phone system to having LPSF's name and address on it. But I also appreciate you two agreeing to donate to the LPSF so that the Treasury doesn't take the hit (I'm doing the same for web hosting and domain registration costs). After hearing from Ron, Francoise, and Marcy, we have a unanimous ExCom decision, so we'll move forward immediately. I just created a new RingCentral account with a temporary phone number of 415-354-5702. (Feel free to give it a try and leave a message asking me to forward the resulting email for you to see how it works.)

So, Mike, I've attached the form that you need to print out, fill out, and fax with your own cover sheet, to authorize transfer of 415-775-5773 to RingCentral. For the first step's Fax Cover Page, where it asks for "your current (temporary) RingCentral number" please list
*(415) 354-5702*
on that line.

The Ring Central account currently has Robert Power on it since they needed a credit card to create the temporary number, but we'll get it changed to Marcy's name and LPSF's PMB at the September meeting. And the Ring Central account is associated with the email address. To verify the new account, I gave them my 415-762-0524 home number and my 415-235-0462 cell number. So here's the text I suggest for the Fax Cover Page.

"Attached is the authorization form for transfer of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco's phone number, 415-775-5773, from my account at (your current phone company) to RingCentral. The RingCentral account is registered by Rob Power,, with the temporary number of 415-354-5702 (we do NOT wish to keep the temporary number after the transfer is completed). If you need further information from me regarding the originating account, call me (Mike Denny) at xxx-xxx-xxxx, and if you need further information regarding the new RingCentral account, call Rob Power at 415-762-0524 (VOIP) or 415-235-0462 (Mobile). In addition to the authorization form, I am also attaching a copy of my last month's bill for 415-775-5773 from (old phone company name)."

If everything goes right, we should be switched over within a week.



Mike Denny wrote:

Thanks Rob....just sent today.

And thanks also for the courtesy of drafting the sample text for the coverletter. Much appreciated.

Best regards,


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