RE: [lpsf-activists] LNC runs anti-Kennedy Poll

Thanks, Rob. Infuriating and bizarre, I agree. On the other hand,
there's something to be said for gaining the knowledge that 37% of LP
members think the Libertarian should drop out to help Brown.

It's not 37% of LP members, nor even 37% of LPers who go to our website.

It's an open poll, and it was publicized in a press release.

So now, instead of the usual couple hundred of LPers participating in our
website's poll, there are suddenly lots of Republicans voting in that poll.
That's why it was such a stupid idea. By itself, the poll was dumb but
harmless. Without a poll, the press release would have been fantastic. But
the two together show a complete lack of understanding of politics, how the
web works, and public relations.

So, so, so dumb!

Thanks again. I thought I was making only the assumption that poll
respondents were representatives of LP members who received the e-mail.
Good thing I'm not a statistician.

You know, you make a leg out of you and me when you assume. Wait no, that's
when you legume. :slight_smile: